Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

up date trail ( grooming

25 January, 2021

O.k we was able torepair the jhon deer ( hydralic hose) fro 19 trai  so is a the shop now and  will be readay to be on trail tomorow morning to do some test if evryting go weld he will be on 19 est  going to  the host and 304 and will be doing the hydro-line up to mill streem( roberville

 the New holand will be on trail tonight going up  19 ouest  pass by 308  19/22 and coming down by the 301 suger shak

Broke down J.D. Groomer

23 January, 2021

Attention Groomer broke down one Kilometer from the  from Ruisseau Arlo going down on 19 east.