Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions


5 April, 2019

Hi friends and members,

With this cold weather, all trails will be freshly done but this wind will make a lot of drifts some places, be careful.

Our 2 groomers are out since yesterday morning and we have done #19 East until Atlantic Host, #310 until chemin Robertville, trail #19 West until junction #503, and trails #308, #303 and #307.

New Holland is presently back on trails #301 and #22.

Please note trail #22 (around Jo Branch's camp) the creek is bosted but we were able to go through it with the groomer. It is marked with a candle, the trail is good to go with snowmobiles but be careful.

If the weather is cold enough tonight, we'll groom trail #19 East until Atlantic Host and trail #19 West until Island Lake, be careful and have a good snowmobile drive!

Don't forget Saturday, April 13th, the T-bone steak supper, $20 each.

Please reserve at 783-3335 or 543-4246


Update April 1st 2019

1 April, 2019

Hi members and friends.

I would like to thank all the members and friends who came to our Rings and wings Saturday and most of all to our volunteers who helped make that day a success! 

A big thank you for the support! Really really appreciated!

About our trails, we have groomed trail #19 East until Atlantic Host Saturday night, everything went well, some places have dirt spots around Dunlop, be carefull. 

Because of the temperature, we're planning on grooming Monday night up on trail #19 West until junction #503 and going to trail #308 and trail #301 until the shelter #19/22.

The trail #310 is closed from Millstream River to the end of the trail in Laplante. We'll make some verifications in all trails this week  to see if there's any obstacles such as places with washouts and also see if we need to close parts of trails for security reasons. We will advise you as soon as possible.

Next supper: Steak T-bone on April 13th, from 4 to 7pm.

For reservation, contact 783-3335 or 543-4246.

Thanks again for your collaboration and support!


Update March 28, 2019

28 March, 2019

Hi friends and members,

A word to tell you we have groomed trail #19 West until junction #503 and trail #301 until the shelter 19/22 and the sayings are that the trails are in very good shape!

Tonight, Thursday, we will do trail #19 East until Atlantic Host and trail #310 until Nigadoo River and also going to trail #307 and #303.

Reminder for the Ring and Wing this Saturday March 31st, from 11am to 4pm at the Chaleur Snowmobile Club. Hope to see you there!




25 March, 2019

Update March 25, 2019

Hi friends and members,

Well for starters, I would like to thank Bayside Group for their support and good supper Friday night, March 22nd, really good and good benefits for our Snowmobile Chaleur Club. A special thank you to Jean-Guy Grant for making the arrangements for all groups, Bayside Mazda, Bayside Hyundai, Bayside Kia and Bayside Chrysler Dodge Ltd. Thanks again!

Events to come:

Our super Ring and Wing on March 30th, will be at the Chaleur Club from 11am to 4pm come benefit our trails and a pourcentage will be going to Robertville's Fire fighters for their First Responders' services. All friends and members are welcome! Come by snowmobile, ATV or even car with your family!


The trails were done starting at midnight Saturday, #19 East until Atlantic Host as well as #310 until Nigadoo River, #19 West to Island Lake and trail #301 until shelter 19/22.

Monday night, trail #19 West going to junction #503 and back on #19 going to the Atlantic Host.. We are planning on redoing them at night this week. (#310, #303, #307 and #301)

With a group our snowmobilers, I rode trail #19 East and West as well as trails #301 to check their conditions after this rain. 2 obstacles, one on trail #19 East about 6 km from the Club, very well identified with candle, and the other on trail #301 between Sugar shack and Caribou Mine road, identified as well. Be careful.

Next supper:

T-Bone steak on April 13, from 4pm to 7pm, for reservation, contact 783-3335 or 543-4246.

Have a good snowmobile week!


Update March 20, 2019

20 March, 2019

 Hi members and friends, 

All our trails were groomed twice this week, they are in really good shape! We do not report any major problem.
We're are planning on going back at night for the weekend.

Supper Friday (BBQ Chicken) sponsored by Bayside Group.
A few tickets left, reserve at 783-8473 or 543-4246.

Thank you


Update march 13

13 March, 2019

Hi members and friends

We have groomed all the trails and some twice. They are in very good shape!! Trails #19, #3310, #303, #307 and #301 we are planning to redo then tonight (from Juncton 19 to juncton 22).

As you all know by now, the weather in the last few days have been really nice, but it will be tough on our trails, this is why we will only groom at night. (especially the main trails, trail #19 and #301).

Events: Next supper, March 22nd at 7pm ''BBQ Chicken''

Sponsored by Bayside Group

For reservation please call 783-3335 or 543-4246.



Update March 11, 2019

11 March, 2019

Hi friends and members,

Very good start for the weekend with the Chicken and Ribs supper sponsored by Atlantic Host that was sold out! A big thank you for the very good service and also to all supportors!

The trails were awesome! Very good work from our operators! With the comeback from our 2nd groomer we can see the difference in our trails! Let's hope to keep it up for the rest of the season.

#1 New Holland is on trail #19 at the moment with the new operator in training, Daniel Lanteigne who's staying with us until the season is over.

#2 John Deer will be back on the trails tomorrow starting with #301, today the T-bar is presently at the machine shop for repairs. We are planning on doing all trails twice this week.

Events: Next supper, March 22nd at 7pm ''BBQ Chicken''

Sponsored by Bayside Group

For reservation please call 783-3335 or 543-4246.

We are planning the ''Ring and Wing'' for March 30th, if you are interested to volonteer please contact 543-4246.

***Meeting for the Chaleur Club and administration this Tuesday, March 12, 7:30n pm.

Thank you,


Update Feb. 28 2019

28 February, 2019

 Hi members and friends,

We are back in operation with the New Holland!! The groomer was gone Wednesday at 12:30 am. Trails to be done are the following: Trail #19 to Atlantic Host, trail #304 to Danny's Inn and trail #301 until Robertville rd to then come back on trail #19 West to do trail #308 until junction #503 and come back to the Chaleur club. Trail #301 will be done after that.

It could take a bit longer this time to groom since the last storm and all that wind blowing, a lot of snow drifts needs to be cut. Thank you for your understanding!

We will do secondary trails after. (#303 / #307)

John Deer: parts are here, but the provider did not have the special tool available to do the installation... A bit frustrating since we were waiting for that for 14 days! As soon as we get it we will start the repair.

Event to come: Supper March 8 at 7pm, Chaleur club ''Chicken and ribs''

Sponsor from Atlantic Host

For reservation call 783-3335 or 543-4246


Valmond, President

Update Feb. 21, 2019

21 February, 2019

Hi members and friends, 

A word to tell you that the trails have all been done for a first time and some 2 times. Their condition is really good!! But keep being careful!

We are presently on trail #19 East & #310 (Hydro lines) tonight (Feb. 20) and then after going on trail #19 West and #308. Tomorow (Feb. 21) it will be trail #301 so be careful when you'll be meeting or following the groomer on the trails.

Event: Friday night, Feb. 22, Salted ribs (boil dinner) Chaleur Snowmobile Club at 7 pm. (Still tickets available) Sponsored by Brunswick Powersports.

Saturday night: Music at the Chaleur Club with Evolution Band from 8pm to midnight.

Everybody is welcome!!

Update on our John Deer: parts are supposed to arrive tomorrow and we will start the repairs as soon as it comes in, a team is getting ready to help.


Valmond, President

Update Feb. 15 2019

15 February, 2019

Update Feb. 15 2019

The flex plate between the motor and transmission of the John Deer is missing... so the groomer won't be on the trails for now. A mechanic came to check and the parts are ordered, if everything goes well, we might have them by Tuesday. About 12 hours of work is expected for the repairs. 

For the New Holland, some people are working on it at the moment and we hope to see it back on the trails by Saturday at midnight. 

We are presently trying to have our neighbors's clubs to give us a hand by coming our way until our groomers are back on track. 

We are trying our best! ;) 

Have a good weekent snowmobiling and be safe!


Our Trails

Trail 19 - East

From: Chaleur Snowmobile Club

To: Rivière Tetagouche

Trail 19 - West

From: 19/301 JCT

To: 19/22 JCT Shelter

Trail 22

From: 22/301 JCT

To: Island Lake

Trail 303

From: Trail 19

To: Upper Lake

Trail 307

From: Trail 19

To: Rocky Brook Cluster

Trail 310

From: Trail 19

To: Up to Cormier Road, Petit Rocher (Hydro line)

Trail 19 - West

From: Chaleur Snowmobile Club

To: 19/301 JCT (Arleau Brook Shelter)

Trail 19 - West

From: 19/22 JCT Shelter

To: IP Road

Trail 301

From: Trail 19

To: Trail 22

Trail 304

From: Trail 19

To: Danny's Inn

Trail 308

From: Trail 19

To: Trail 22 - Island Lake

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