Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

trail up date

13 March, 2022 at 9:00 AM

 so a  mix off rain and snow    so the bouth groomer was out today    # 2  down 19 EST to Host  304 Danny's and  310 hydro line    the # 1 was on upper block  19 Ouest  up to 308  19/22 and 301 (sugar shack)   tomorow morning we will be back on trail on upper block doing 19 up to juction 503 (semson field) and do 303 upper lake and 307 rocky cluster

trail up date

9 March, 2022 at 9:00 AM

 bouth groomer was on trail sens yersterday morning so wa did 19 EST lower block   down to the Host  aslo 304 Danny's and 310 hydro line  with # 2 N.H.  the # 1 J. D .  we did the loop 19 ouest 301  306  19/22 and 308  first pass and today is was on 19 up to 503 juction (sensom field)   303 upper lake and 307 rocky cluster  now he will return on  the 301  do the seconde pass  19 ouest 

up date trails

6 March, 2022 at 9:00 AM

  was a verry goog day on trail sarturday and bib trafique  the # 2 N.H was on trail last night doing lower block  19 EST ( host  ) did 304 Danny's and 310 hydro line)   the # 1 J.D. was on upper block doing 19 OUEST up to 503 juction  semson feild   that area needed bib work om trail  so we did some cutting and aprenly the operator did a good job   so right now bouth groomer are stop and will go back as soon the storm is finis  (monday morning) will see

trail up date

3 March, 2022 at 9:00 AM

 Trail are hard but in very good shap to ride  we did all the trails ststem from the Host up to juction 503 (semson field)  also all local trail  308 307 306 303  308  301  304 and 310  with the # 2 groomer (new holland)   the # 1 Jhond deer was at shop for bib service  P.M   (1000 h/r servidce)  did all  and we repair the drag ( part was remove and broth to ( U-SI FAB) machaine shop  in nigadoo ) they did a exclent job 

we just finis  so she readay to go back to work in the trails  so plans is we will do the lower block 19 est down to the HOST  304 Danny's and Hydro line)  and we will go back in the upper block with the # 1 J.D 

19 ouest   

trail up date and recognition

28 February, 2022 at 9:00 AM

 Ho  Ho busy  weekend    on trails    and trails  were awesome  cold temperature  but that's what winter is all about ski doo  ride and fun...    both groomer was on trails doing a good job by the operator 

they are schedule to be out in the morning to do all the trails system 19 EST   304 and 310   and 19 OUEST  301 303 307 and 306 so big day tomorrow   so play safe and let the operator know when you are a crew when you cross them   

Recognition   time  :   In this time we would like to thank"s some special pepole  and sponcer   First Big Thanks to  Mr Hayden Wilmont Hatheway and Mrs Mildred Marion Hatheway for ther donation  to the club grooming system   (Merci )  also to Hatheway FORD   Bathurst Toyota  and Fix Auto Bathurst   for the generous donation (Merci)   it's  very  appreciated  and to Brunswick Powersport for the donation 

with the covid 19 and  the club house close  everything is a good help     also all the sponcer that renewed their publicity  sign (even that the club house is close  big big thanks  all the revenu will go on trails  

with the fuel at high price  it will  help to go through the season  the Board say Big thank"s to all of you  ( gros merci)


24 February, 2022 at 9:00 AM

 BOUTH GROOMER ARE IN TRAIL  DOING 19 EST  DOWN TO THE hOST   304 DANNY'S AND 310 HYDRO LINE  (THIS WAS DONE LAST NIGHT  NOW THEY ARE IN UPPER BLOCK DOING 19 OUEST  307 ROCKY CLUSTER 303  UPPER LAKE  308 19/22  301 (SUGAR SHAK) 306 WILL CAT)     after the  Jhon deer will go back up doing 19 ouest up to 503 juction  and the NEW HOLLAND will go back town towere the host for the seconde pass

trail up date

22 February, 2022 at 9:00 AM

Bouth groomer will be on trail today   #1 J.D. will be on upper block  doing 19 OUEST 301 sugar shak   and 303 upper lake   and # 2 N.H will be on lower block doing  19 EST  304 Danny's and 310 hydro line

trail up date

19 February, 2022 at 9:00 AM

 we have a mix of rain and snow   and temp in the + and now - 18 this morning so   we will try to do the best on trail  The # 2 new holand left the club house yersterday at 4 pm to go down 19 EST to the Host and then he did the 304 danny's and the 310 hydro line up to millstreem ( water on top of river) so we will do the bypass next time down( tomorow morning)   and then the bouth groomer left for upper block   at 4.30 am this morning  the # 1  will be on 19 trail  OUEST  up to 301 (sugar shak)   do the 306 (will cat)  up to juction 22  and do the louping and come down by 308 and 19 EST the # 2 will do  19 up 

307 rocky cluster and 303 upper lake and will continue on 19  and will come by 301 so we will do the 2 pass today and then when they arrive  the n.h #2 will go back on 19 est  redo 304 and 310 and the # 1 will go back up anddo 19 up to juction 503 and come back by 308  ( so have fun and play safe)  keep on traill  not on farme land s.v.p. thank's

trail up date

17 February, 2022 at 9:00 AM

 all trail in ours system was groom with 2 pass in the lAST 2 DAY'S and they are very nice (good condituion)  now with the temp in the + and rain+  verdegla and snow over that  will see but today the groomer will be off trail  and get readay for after bad weather  so play safe

trail up date

15 February, 2022 at 9:00 AM

A order cold  day     the  #1  still on trail on the upper block  19 ouest up to 503 joction  308 and 303 upper lake  last night and today it will be on 301 19/22 and will do 307  the # 2 was on lower block doing 19 est  304 danny's and 310 hydro line   

Our Trails

Trail 19 - East

From: Chaleur Snowmobile Club

To: Rivière Tetagouche

Trail 19 - West

From: 19/301 JCT

To: 19/22 JCT Shelter

Trail 22

From: 22/301 JCT

To: Island Lake

Trail 303

From: Trail 19

To: Upper Lake

Trail 307

From: Trail 19

To: Rocky Brook Cluster

Trail 310

From: Trail 19

To: Up to Cormier Road, Petit Rocher (Hydro line)

Trail 19 - West

From: Chaleur Snowmobile Club

To: 19/301 JCT (Arleau Brook Shelter)

Trail 19 - West

From: 19/22 JCT Shelter

To: IP Road

Trail 301

From: Trail 19

To: Trail 22

Trail 304

From: Trail 19

To: Danny's Inn

Trail 308

From: Trail 19

To: Trail 22 - Island Lake

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