Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

trail up date

9 March, 2021

The #1 new Holland  is still running good on trail  non stop sense Friday (5)  morning   and the trail are in top shape very nice   right now doing the loupping  19 22 301 and also did the 303 upper lake     and when arrive at the club house he will continue on 19 EST  do the 304 and also the 310 hydro line   (will see at the mills stream river  ( there water on both side of the ice bridge already with the temp up in the next couple of day's coming it will coming hard to cross  but will see

trail up date

7 March, 2021

 The new Holland #1 groomer still in the trail 19 Ouest coming  to club house and then he will continue on 19 EST down to the hoist   do 304 Danny's and also 310 up to the Millstream

we have parts in transit for both groomer   ( sprocket for the new hol1and)   t5hat should be here  Wednesday and  the rear   lag for Jhon DEER  that should be here on Tuesday   also pin and bushing, boggy  so will work on that probably 2 days   so hope unit   parts order rush and we are looking about 15 K  dollars just in material   so   there a lottery to help  the club  (generator) is not much but everting will help the club financial this season with no activities at club   it will be hard to go at end of season  so member support   your club Tank's 


groomer trail up date

6 March, 2021

The # 1 N.H groomer still on trail coming from 19 OUEST  up to junction 22 and go at 180 road turn and coming by 308 also did the 307      we have hard time in some area (trail 22)  with big drift   and take more time  only 1 groomer on trail so be patience  we need to check the unit when come to shop and then go back on trail this time we will go on 301  do the second pass also there big opening so big drift  and will pass trail 22,308  and also do 303 upper lake so groomer on trail all day tomorrow 

groomer up date

5 March, 2021

the new Holland #1  is on trail send this morning on is way to pick up the drag on trail 22  we go by 301 with out drag so he will make  pass first  ( big big drif on tower road) 301   so right now is justed pass the sugar shack on way up     so be patience   the rear track on # 2 Jhod Deer only left this morning Dromenville Quebec  so probely on hear monday days

will keed on trail and do the local trail on sarturday

8 pm up date

5 March, 2021

 The new Holland # 1  groomer just arrive at the sugar shack in trail 301   ( operator) said all this year that he is grooming  never see the snow  drift that Hight   in that area  so he will take a snack and on is way to club we will fuel , and grease   the unit  switch operator and continue on 19 Est  to the host  and do 304 (Danny's) for starting  the second pass  on trail and come back to club app  7 am we will stop fuel and check unit and them go back up  19  up to junction 19/22 then go on 22 as far as 180 road and turn and come back by 308  so all slider be cool (attention) there only one pass in some place .... so some place is narrow and the groomer will be on trail have a save ride

12 pm up date

4 March, 2021

 we are down  the # 1 New Holland  is Stock in trail 22  app 2 k.m. from 180 resource  lag get off so right now there a crew  on the way to reinstall and if every thing is o.k after he will continue on trail 22 301   now thw # 2 rear lag there one in Dromonville  Quebec so  they are looking to have  one way truck right to club for delevry   ( there a crew start to take old one apart     )

6.00 pm up date

4 March, 2021

well that did did work for # 1 Groomer N.H.  to reinstall the track so  we were able to bring it to 180 road and put it on truck (flooded ) and is on the way to shop in Sormany

so will work on unit right a way  probably need some segment so  we work some thing out

groomer up date

3 March, 2021

 we start to groom in the morning   # 1 19 Est  304 Danny's and 310 Hydro Lind  ( turn at Nigadoo river)   we did  did take the risk to cross over) and  made it back to club right now 6 .30 pm

and he will go  up 19 Ouest 308 19/22 and come back to club in the morning and continue back up to go at juction 503 

 We have  no lock with the john Deer today we lost the rear lag (she strip)  we only made 20 k.m. this morning and lucky we made it back to club  (right now working  With Soucy and LA Matapedia (coop) to get one rush    so for now we groom with the # 1 New HOLLAND only and schedule to be on trail 24/24  no stop to get the system done

groomer up date

2 March, 2021

 W ith that wind the  tow groomer stay at club   we play safe    so at 5 am tomorow morning the wind should come down so  they will start  one  down 19 est  from club and up  19 OUEST  do the louping and will be on trail 24/24 until we did tow pass

trail up date

1 March, 2021

 there lost of snow  down right now we 30cm and more to come  but as soon the wing drop down probably in the morning  the groomer will be on trail  # 1 down to the hoist and do 304  Danny's and 310 (hydro line  and the # 2   up 19 to 308  19/22 and coming by 301   and right after # 1 will go up also and do 19 up to juction 503 (simpson fields) and also do 303 and 307  # 2 will do the back track on trail 301 19/22 308 and do the 306  

did you guys start to get you ticket (lottery generator)   at selling point   WEST END SPORT, ULTRA AUTO BODY SHOP, MICHEL SAW MILL; MECANIQUE KA-LI-T ,BRUSWICK POWER SPORT

anD you could meet me or contact me Valmond  at 543-4246 for more info

Our Trails

Trail 19 - East

From: Chaleur Snowmobile Club

To: Rivière Tetagouche

Trail 19 - West

From: 19/301 JCT

To: 19/22 JCT Shelter

Trail 22

From: 22/301 JCT

To: Island Lake

Trail 303

From: Trail 19

To: Upper Lake

Trail 307

From: Trail 19

To: Rocky Brook Cluster

Trail 310

From: Trail 19

To: Up to Cormier Road, Petit Rocher (Hydro line)

Trail 19 - West

From: Chaleur Snowmobile Club

To: 19/301 JCT (Arleau Brook Shelter)

Trail 19 - West

From: 19/22 JCT Shelter

To: IP Road

Trail 301

From: Trail 19

To: Trail 22

Trail 304

From: Trail 19

To: Danny's Inn

Trail 308

From: Trail 19

To: Trail 22 - Island Lake

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