Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

most up date trait report

15 January, 2023 at 6:00 PM

  Well we had  What we  were waiting  for  snow and bit of cool weather   and to beginning both groomer were on trail   until the # 1 JHON DEER  had a issue  (lack of power)   we talk with the MECH Technician so unit is at shop and hope we get info on Monday morning so the #2 new Holland is on trail  24/24  we did 301 up to junction 22 loop to go by Roger lake and right now is fueling and will go up finish 19 west  up to junction 22  do  303 and 307 at same time and if weather is good he will go back starting the second  pass down  19 Est  to the host do 304 Danny's and  310 down to Mill Stream river 

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14 January, 2023 at 9:00 AM

trail up date

14 January, 2023 at 9:00 AM

The 2 groomer are out  on 19 trail   from club house to host with #2  NEW HOLLAND   and #1 JHON DEER  up OUEST  we had about 25 + cm of snow so be patience   we need  a good 24 hours to do the first pass 

trail up date

12 January, 2023 at 9:00 PM



Hi members and friends today we are in the #301 trail, from #22 junction up to road 180 ( last part of trail to be cleaned ) we are in there with an excavator to do work so after, we will be able to connect with trail #19 to Mount Carleton and #22 north for Balmoral club and others.  Now with the snow that is in the forecast right after we will be starting the regular

schedule of grooming with the 2 units # 1 John deer and # 2 new Holland so over the weekend,  they will be on trail starting on #19 trail from host up to junction #503 simpsons field

there will be still some area with wash out so take care ( we will identify place area with red cone.


10 January, 2023 at 7:00 PM

 Today  we were in 301 trail with bouth groomer from sugar shak to juction 22 conection with (nepesquit club)  the was lot of threes down so it was a big day  There some pothold(wather wash out)

so slide with care play safe  the drag for the #1 jhon deer is broke  right now the hydralic cylinder is at shop ( Boby  Chaleurs hyd) for repair and the 2 front cutter on drag is at (usifab in Nigadoo also for repair  so that should be readay for the week-end and back on trail

trail up date

6 January, 2023 at 9:00 AM

 well today we did the lower block 19 ESt  and it was not the best   lot of wather pothel and three in the trail system    on the way up we thake the road to menimase the domage  so   by safe if use the trail  ( note the trail on chaleur side 19 from host to juction 503 samson feidl are close  du to water pothel ( streem are oper ) and lack of snow  ( we need cool weather and snow  (so by patience

m   now the onlyb trail nee to be clead is the treia 301 from sugar shak to juction 22    and is not to the same  guy the get it  we need new blod   with over 600 member   the somebody that could help   

next tuesday jenuary 10 be there    we wiil be from sugar shak to that juction    22  pleas help   Thank's

trail up date

3 January, 2023 at 9:00 AM

o.k tomorow morning so wensday  the 4 we will be on trail 19 up to samson feil  doing clean up so it you free we need help   (bring you chain saw  and the plan after is to go on 301 to meet bathurst traill 22

 but right now there still wood operation (so some area is plow halling wood up to jenuary 7 th

trail up date

30 December, 2022 at 5:00 PM

 Hi  well today we did good also    we made up up to juction 22 (island lake area)   and did 307 roky cluster and 303 upper lake   it so but we will wind the batthel   the crew is cheking the 19 ouest(from 308 up to juction22) 19/22 trail   we have about 5 k.m of very bat spot on trail  so that is the next place  on the plan so if sombody could comme and help  go head evreting is aprecied  we aslo working on 301 after the sugar shak to go and joint the trail 22/301 intersection so hope begening of next week   

trail up date

28 December, 2022 at 5:00 PM

  It was a big day on trail today  bouth groumer was on 19 up (OUEST)  so we did from juction 301 up to juction 24   there was volentery with chain saw in front on gromer and some in the rear to do the finis tuch   in some area it the worse i saw from long time   even a ski doo could not pass  so thank's the the grew and we will be up there  tomorow to continue   NOTE.... THAT section of trauil remane close for now we will let you know when it open

trail up date

27 December, 2022 at 9:00 AM

 Today the # 1 jhon deer are in trail 301 to sugar shak and will make 2 ice bridge (back the sugar shak  area)  and come back to club house ( on the oder side 180 road  that area are stiil close (wood operation until january 7)   so we will only do the conection to juction 22 in that time (in some area the lot of trhee down so be patience next trip we will be on 19 ouest  up to  island lake by 308 and 303 uperlake so hope will be there before week end

now tomorow morning at 9 a.m. at the club house  we need  volentery  to go in the traill 19 ouest  there area very need to be clean )there are some bib trhee in some place (specely after th ruseau arlo on traill 19 and 308 traill (in the area of the small shelter and also in 303 upper lake area so comming will bilt group thank,S

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Trail 19 - East

From: Chaleur Snowmobile Club

To: Rivière Tetagouche

Trail 19 - West

From: 19/301 JCT

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To: Upper Lake

Trail 307

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To: Rocky Brook Cluster

Trail 310

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Trail 19 - West

From: Chaleur Snowmobile Club

To: 19/301 JCT (Arleau Brook Shelter)

Trail 19 - West

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To: IP Road

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From: Trail 19

To: Trail 22

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From: Trail 19

To: Danny's Inn

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