Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

Update Feb. 11 2019

11 February, 2019


Feb. 8 was our Salted Cod supper (full house) Sponsored by Poissoinerie Arseneau, West End Sports and Chaleur Building Supplies. Really nice evening! Thanks everyone who came! Approx. $5100 was made for the club! A special thanks to Roger Arseneau for his 30 years of participation at the event!


We had a little bad luck with our groomer (John Deer) this weekend, a sprocket attachment we had to repare, by taking back the groomer at the club's garage. Sunday morning, me, Paul and Jacques did the repares and the groomer was back on the trails! First of all, the groomer is going to 19 East (Atlantic Host) and will do 19 West until junction #503 going by #308 & #301 back and forth (lots of drifts with all that wind!) so for the ones going on the trails, be careful, the groomer will be there 24/24.

For this next weekend, Family weekend! (15,16,17 & 18) the Chaleur Tour (Event from all 3 Chaleur clubs)

Snowmobile Chaleur Club Saturday Feb. 16, from 11 to 7 pm

Daily Special: 8 oz Sirlong steak with choice of potato for $17,50 and regular menu available.

Musique in the afternoon (Country Heart) from 7pm to 11pm!

I invite all the members to participate and come for a visit! Also for our ATV friends to come see us!

Next supper:

Salted Chops (Cotelettes salées) Feb. 22 2019 at 7pm at Snowmobile Chaleur Club sponsored by Brunswick Powersports, for reservation call 783-3335 or 543-4246.

Your President,


Update Feb. 6 2019

6 February, 2019

 All our trails have been groomed and are in really good condition!

Tomorrow, Kyle Good (trail manager) will come with our operators for some training and after our plan is to redo all trails:  #19 East et West,  #304 & #308  aslo #301, #303 & #307  to come back by the Atlantic Host and trail #310 for the weekend!

We are still waiting a part for the New Holand, the dealer says it could come in Friday, or easrly next week.

Salted cod supper this Friday Feb. 8th 2019 at the Chaleur Snowmobile club sponsored by West End Sports, Poissonnerie Arseneau Fishmarket and Chaleur Building Supplies!!! Reserve your tickets by phone at 783-3335 or 543-4246.
They go fast!!
$15 per tickets.
Supper starts at 7pm.

Other events to come: Weekend of Feb. 15, 16, 17 and 18, ''CHALEUR TOUR''

All 3 club of the region, Népisiguit Sports Lodge, Snowmobile Chaleur Club and Super Village Trail Blazer will have each their upcoming events.

See online on their site for more info or Bathurst Tourism.

At our club, you can also follow us on the site Club Chaleur (Jason)

Daily Special:  8 oz striploin,  choice of potatos  or fries   from 11 am to  6 pm, there's also music in the evening from 7pm to 11pm and activities for family and friends!


Valmond, president

Update Jan. 25 2019

25 January, 2019

Hi Snowmobile friends and members,

After this weather cocktail, it back to grooming!

We are presently on trail #19East up to town, then #304 and #310 up to Robertville road.

We will have to wait a bit to groom the rivers. We will do trail #301 which is now open to snowmobilers.

We're up to the sugar shack with the tractor only, gone from the trail that was closed (lots of snow and drifts). On schedule, faire all trails tonight and then do all upper trails and finish up with trail #19 until junction #503 back and forth from trail #308 and #307 and then after trail #303 (Upper Lake), lots of snow there too! For that reason, we will do the back and forth with the tractor only and after go back with the groomer.

We have received all the needed parts for the 2nd groomer (New-Holand), so first thing Monday we will work on it and do the most we can before February 1st!

*If any mechanics would give some of their time it would be VERY appreciated!!

** Estimated time of repairs: 40hrs +

Be careful on the trails, some obsctacles could be there!


Valmond, Chaleur Club President

Update Jan 18, 2019

18 January, 2019

Hi club members and friends.

We are back functional! The following repares have been made: changed both heater's motors, soleniod to engage the 4x4 ''full lock'' and the regular maintenance was performed, oil & filter changed (motor & transmission), re-torqued all bolts on tracks, replaced the radiator fan and the front windshield with the help of John Deer's technician.

Hoping that everything will go smootly from now on!

Plans for the moment on the trails: #19 East, #304 and #19 West are being groomed at the moment by the trail #308 and #19 East. Around 2pm this afternoon, we will do trails #301 back and forth to come back by trail #19 East and West and trail #303 and #307 Saturday.


Un big thank you to our sponcers for the supper of January 11th that was a full house!

Elm Tree Ressouces & Guillevin International.

Next supper: February 8th, salted cod with our sponcers

West End Sports, Poissonnerie Arseneau, Chaleur Building Supplies.

Also, from all of the Snowmobile Chaleur Club committee, un big THANK YOU to the groups Hatheway Ford, Nissan and Toyota for their donations to the club this year! Thank you, it's very appreciated!

Have a good snowmobile weekend everyone!



President, Chaleur Club

Update Jan.11, 2019

11 January, 2019

We have groomed trails 19 East and West (take note that the trail from Lugar to Ste-Louise 1.5 km has a detour made by the groomer, only the snowmobilers are able to continue on trail 19, there's ice on the trail and the groomer cannot get up there, we are working on this issue at this time, be careful.

Trail #308 have been groomed, and we are working on trails #307, 303 and 301. The groomer will be on the trails all weekend, 24/24 so be alert and careful! There's a lot of drifts.


Chaleur Club President

Update Jan 8, 2019

8 January, 2019

Update January 8, 2019

We have repared our groomer (replaced the front windshield and the missing parts). We were on the trails at midnight Friday night and have done trails #19 East and #19 West until junction #503 (Samson Field) and also trails #303/#307, #308 (back and forth) and trail #301 (sugar shack) until junction #22 et #22 North until shelter on #19/22.

Please note that the trail #301 is closed at the junction 19/301 up to the wood workers' shelter.

We are prensently working on trail # 310 (Hydro Line).

Be aware on trail #19, about 8 km from the Club, there's a wash out. It's marked.


**Our first supper is this Friday, January 11, Chinese supper with sponsors

Elm Tree Ressources et Guillevin International.

Cost: $15 per person

To reserve: 506-543-4246 or 506-783-3335

Thank you,

Valmond, President

Update Jan.03, 2019

2 January, 2019

 The trails are mostly passable. Trail #19, Atlantic Host to West going to Island Lake has been groomed also as trails #307 and #303 for the first time, it's important to be very careful.

We have groomed trail #22/ #301 (sugar shack) still have a lot of work to do (such as cutting branches and signalisation) Be very careful in general.

We are in stand-by at the moment (waiting for a front windshield for the groomer, ''Rush'' order)

As soon as it comes in, we will be back on the trails!

From all the direction of the Chaleur Club, we wish you all Happy New Year and thanks for your support!!

Have a good snowmobile season!

Valmond, Président

Update Dec. 27 2018

27 December, 2018

Hi everyone, 
After all the rain received, we had to redo our trails. The night of the 23rd (Sunday night), we have done trail 19 West to Island Lake by trail #308 and came back on 19/22 and 19 East to the Club and then to Atlantic Host. PLEASE be careful for wash outs, they will be marked by NBFSC signs. 
We wish you all had a Merry Christmas from all of us!

Valmond, President Chaleur Snowmobile Club

Update on trails Dec. 17, 2018

17 December, 2018

Very good start for the trails. A big group of volunteers came up on the trails last weekend to help cut the trees so the groomer could complete the work.

We have groomed trail 19 ( from Atlantic Host to junction 503 ''Samson field'') and also trail 308 (Island Lake) and part of trail 310 (Mill Stream river).

All that was only the first grooming, so I ask you to remain very careful on the trails as there is still some barriers such as unfrozen spots.

Our plan is to groom the 301 from North to South to junction 22/301, Sugar shack and also local trails (307, 303, 304).

Thank you

Valmond, Chaleur club President

So many trees!

10 December, 2018 at 9:00 PM

Thanks to all who have been working hard in clearing our trails during the fall storms.

Much work has been done.

Unfortunately we have been hit with a perfect storm.

We now have trees weighed down with snow which has to be cleaned before the trails can open.

Our John Deere is now operational and it is being used to clear the trail.

But the John Deere is not enough.

We have been so busy clearing the trees that we have not even begun the place the signs

We still desperately need people with snowmobile and chainsaws.

If you can help please contact us.


Our Trails

Trail 19 - East

From: Chaleur Snowmobile Club

To: Rivière Tetagouche

Trail 19 - West

From: 19/301 JCT

To: 19/22 JCT Shelter

Trail 22

From: 22/301 JCT

To: Island Lake

Trail 303

From: Trail 19

To: Upper Lake

Trail 307

From: Trail 19

To: Rocky Brook Cluster

Trail 310

From: Trail 19

To: Up to Cormier Road, Petit Rocher (Hydro line)

Trail 19 - West

From: Chaleur Snowmobile Club

To: 19/301 JCT (Arleau Brook Shelter)

Trail 19 - West

From: 19/22 JCT Shelter

To: IP Road

Trail 301

From: Trail 19

To: Trail 22

Trail 304

From: Trail 19

To: Danny's Inn

Trail 308

From: Trail 19

To: Trail 22 - Island Lake

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