Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

groomer out tonight

23 February, 2021

Both groomer will be on trail tonight  doing 19 Est  ,304 and 310 and  19 Ouest  up to 308 and looping  coming by 19/22  301    it only a 0 deg right now so hope that will work good in that snow

trail up date

22 February, 2021

Both groomer are out tonight   in up direction 19 ouest to 503 junction ( Simpson fields)   also do  301, 19/22, 306,307, 303 and 308      tomorrow  night will to the  trail down  19 est 304 and 310 (hydro line)

The board of director meet last night  on the over view  of the season so fard  up date of member 592 as feb 15  with is good with that covid-19  and over 600 hours of grooming

we talk a lot about the club house that is close this season for covid 19 (virus) and what cant be done to avoided this the next season so   we will contact some  contractor to have some quote on modify ours kitchen/bar  and toilettes(bathroom)  to be on spec with the health department  and be come in profit operation  for the club   (we will see ours supporter) in first place  for all modification (and local business )

Also this season  the site web  (INFO CHALEUR.COM)  is support by  WEST-END SPORT which  is a value of over 3 thousands  yes 3 k   with all that covid-19 virus that go on in this time  it a big piece of support for the club  is very appreciate  by the board and all the member so big thank to all the team a WEST-END SPORT

trail up date

19 February, 2021

 Both groomer are out   # 1 N.H  Is on 19 est   going to town   and # 2 is on is way from looping   19 22  301   Looping  

tomorrow night they are schedule to be on trail   doing 19 est 304, and  310  with # 1  and # 2 is schedule to be on trail  19 ouest  301 19/22 and 308  and back to club

I presume there will be big traffic in trail tomorrow so  have fun and play safe   ( use hand signals) if possible  ( safety tip)  that help  for you  friends coming 

groomer up date

18 February, 2021

 All trail was done and some twice  301 19 ouest  19/22 and 308    the 306 303 307 310 304 and 19 Est  was done once  the john deer # 2 will be on 19 ouest  tomorrow late in the day

the # 1n.h   is at the shop with a broken (blade adapter) knuckle   we remove all the cylinder ,blade  and pin  so we are able to operated without the blade so will stay on 19 Est 

the part will be a the machine shop in the morning for   repair   

groomer up date

17 February, 2021

 well every  this when good so far  today with the grooming the # 1 n.h   did the EST side 19 to host 304 and 310  now is leaving for the up he will do 19 up to the junction 503 (Simpson fields) and will do 303 upper lake also  the John Deer is on is way back to club from 19 /22 310 and 306  is schedule back up to do the second pass in reverse  301 19/22 308 and will do the 307 (rock cluster ) on is way down

groomer up date

16 February, 2021

  Right now he still snowing  we had app 20 cm of fresh snow so we have some work ahead on trail  so the # 1 New HOLLAND   will be out early in the morning doing the trail 19 Est down to the host also 304 Danny's  and do 310  HYDRO LING  up to chemain Cormier and come back to club   at the same time the # 2 JHON DEER  will be up 19 ouest up to 308 do 19/22 and come down by 301  SUGAR SHACK  will do the loupe and if every thing go good he will do the 306 will cat this will do the first pass on trail

trail and lottery up date

14 February, 2021

We  both groomer was out last night  do trail 19 from the host  do 308 looping  by 308,19/22 and 301 sugar shack  the trail was nice today  now they anance some snow starting in the morning so we will wade to see and right after    will be back on trail do all of them (full circuit )  

Now some ticket will be ready to be sell tomorrow at some point    see the logo     ( $10 each or 3 for 20)  with 600 member   we should have no problem to shell 1000 ticketwill start ours lottery for the club ( generator 6500 watt ) donation by Brunswick power sport     we have good supporter also  info to come for location of selling ticket and poster   (THIS LOTTERY IS TO COVER THE LOST OF NO ACTIVTY TO THE CLUB ) COVID 19 so I ask the member to support you club   is 10$ a ticket and 3 for 20$ dollars   info  543-4246 for now


14 February, 2021 at 9:00 AM