Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

trail up date

11 February, 2021

 Both groomer are out again tonight  they  are in trail up 19 ouest  up to Simpson fields junction 503 also do  301, 19/22  306, 303,307 and 308    tomorrow morning they will be on trail down  19 Est  also 304  and we will spending in t rail 310 Hydro line  will see how that go on millstream ( they puss snow on all ready)  if we do we continue up do work on  Nigadoo river and up  to madran  so they will spend time on trail 310  we give you a up date tomorow night how that go

trail up date

9 February, 2021

   Bouth groomer was out last night and today The # 1 N.H. did the 19 up to junction 503 Simpson fields  also did the 307,303 and got back to club   the # 2 john deer  was out  yesterday  after did some test ( the install a new module) in the elect system lock work o.k now  so he did the 19 down to the host did 304 Danny's  and did the 310 up to millstrem  (  the push lost of snow on the river)  will see with that cool weather  next trip if we will be able to go over it and go up to  madran for the week end 

trail and club up date

7 February, 2021

Hi Friends and snowmobiler   we have fairly big traffic over the week-end  and the trail stay good   the # 1 groomer stay on trail  19 and 301/22 most of time  to keep up good trail  tonight on is way back to club is made it to the $200 dollars hold no problem app 7 k.m from the clubhouse up    so if the weather  stay cool we will continue to pass in the trail area

the jhon deer stay at shop and we will need help from green diamond tech (electronic problem) need to install pro-ling to locate  the bo bo so hope for tomorrow 

 In the meantime  the BOARD  and the MEMBER of Chaleurs club will like to tank's    the     HATHEWAY FORD  and    BATHURST TOYOTA     for there annual donation to the club

and also  MR Hayden Wilmot Hathaway and MRS MILDREN MARION Hathaway for there personnel support  Big Big Tank's    it very appreciated  with all these thing that goes on this year 

(COVID 19) it not easy  for any Business so again Tank's for yours supports 

the last mail out from the NBFSC  we are at 596 member shofar this year  so it very good

trail up date

5 February, 2021

 both groomer  are in the trail sense 7 am this morning on the second round of grooming  ( some snowmobiler report that the trail are very nice) all around Bathurst area

so probably there will be lost of ski-doo on trail over the week-end so  play safe ( and have fun )  D'ONT forget  to respect the roll (covid-19)  we need to stay open 

the groomer # 1 will be on trail all week-end  (on 19 Est and ouest)  the # 2 need  to be check ( elect problem in injection)  harness or rack ? 

trail up date

4 February, 2021

Hi snowmobiler and friends   it was a long trip for ours operator the snow is still hard to groom  we are in some area in the process of the second trip in trail to do a good job  

19 ouest 301 and 22   as right now   with the #1 unit N.H.   the Jhon Deer id a the shop with broken drag   (we work on all day all the welding is done now we need to putted together

so early in the morning she will be back on trail the plan is go down to the host 19 est  304 and go up on 301 do the 306 willcat trail with the # 2 jhon deer  the #1 New Holland   when arrive is sechdule to go back up  19 ouset up to junction 503 (Samsun field)   and do the 307 and 303 ( if you check on NBFSC TRAIL) it show that are done (in green) but they are not done yet  little hitch in the system so have fun riding and play safe

groomer up date

3 February, 2021

  O/K.   After that snow  app 35 cm and about 20 mm of rain   both groomer are out tonight   the snow is reel hard to work right now   so hoop will have more cold to get that snow 

workable  th # 1 is down by the Hoist 19 est and do 304 Danny's and 310 up to millstream  the #2  is on 19 ouest   up to island lake and do the looping 19/22 and coming down by the 301 are gold is to have all trail in good shape for the week-end on the next run they will do the secondary trail  (local) 306,307 and 303 and go to samsunfeild junction 503

trail up date

1 February, 2021

 Both Groomer are back in from the trail  they did all the 19 EST and OUEST  304 ,310, 308,   from the Host up to Samsun field they us  most of time the blade to cut the lump so with the snow that are coming the trail will be parfait under  so right now we park both unit in the garage will do the (drag adjustment) and do the necessary thing need to be do on them  so they will be ready for right after storm Wednesday  

grooming up date

27 January, 2021

Both groomer was out last night   the New Holland was on 19 OUEST  up to the junction 503(samsonfild)   and come by the 308 and also do the 303 ( upper lake)

the jhon deer was on 19 EST up to the host and did the 304 (Danny's)

and did the hydro line up to the millstream) 

Attentions to all Snowbiler  in 19 ouest app 7 k.m from the club( holt at 200$ area)  you need to stay in the trail Please do not go on road there big truck haulage

the trail is ruft only app .5 k.m  we need to bypass with the groomer in the area (to soft for the unit) but ski-doo  please please stay on trail  we were notify yesterday  by the otoriety

also on farmer land please stay on trail in those area also ( them  the farmer a good to let us pass on there land so please have some respect  thank

up date trail ( grooming

25 January, 2021

O.k we was able torepair the jhon deer ( hydralic hose) fro 19 trai  so is a the shop now and  will be readay to be on trail tomorow morning to do some test if evryting go weld he will be on 19 est  going to  the host and 304 and will be doing the hydro-line up to mill streem( roberville

 the New holand will be on trail tonight going up  19 ouest  pass by 308  19/22 and coming down by the 301 suger shak

trail up date

23 January, 2021

 Hi snow biller  to day  i check moose trail that we groom 19 EST and 19 OUEST  301 /22 some place need  more snow ( close to town area) and 301 pass the saucer shack but is passible  with attention we need just a little more snow to be parfait so silde with care.  now the Jhon DEER   is down in 19 trail about  1 km before the shelter19/04(ruseau arlo)

hydraulic hose broke  at the Maine pump and she have specials fitting to connected ( so right now hoping for Monday that we fin a parts needed so if you go in that area  take care  ( she down hild  so some marker are in place is a little  tithe    to pass in   

Our Trails

Trail 19 - East

From: Chaleur Snowmobile Club

To: Rivière Tetagouche

Trail 19 - West

From: 19/301 JCT

To: 19/22 JCT Shelter

Trail 22

From: 22/301 JCT

To: Island Lake

Trail 303

From: Trail 19

To: Upper Lake

Trail 307

From: Trail 19

To: Rocky Brook Cluster

Trail 310

From: Trail 19

To: Up to Cormier Road, Petit Rocher (Hydro line)

Trail 19 - West

From: Chaleur Snowmobile Club

To: 19/301 JCT (Arleau Brook Shelter)

Trail 19 - West

From: 19/22 JCT Shelter

To: IP Road

Trail 301

From: Trail 19

To: Trail 22

Trail 304

From: Trail 19

To: Danny's Inn

Trail 308

From: Trail 19

To: Trail 22 - Island Lake

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